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acta de conferencia
"Accelerator-based BNCT"
A.J. Kreiner, M. Baldo, J.R. Bergueiro, D. Cartelli, W. Castell, V. Thatar Vento, J. Gomez Asoia, D. Mercuri, J. Padulo, J.C. Suarez Sandin, J. Erhardt, J.M. Kesque, A.A. Valda, M.E. Debray, H.R. Somacal, M. Igarzabal, D.M. Minsky, M.S. Herrera, M.E. Capoulat, S.J. Gonzalez, M.F. del Grosso, L. Gagetti, M. Suarez Anzorena, M. Gun and O. Carranza
Proc. of the "15th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy" (15-ICNCT), Tsukuba, Japan, September 10-14, 2012. Ed. by A. Matsumura, T. Yamamoto, K. Nakai and H. Kumada
Appl. Radiat. Isot. 88 (2014) 185-189
The activity in accelerator development for accelerator-based BNCT (AB-BNCT) both worldwide and in Argentina is described. Projects in Russia, UK, Italy, Japan, Israel, and Argentina to develop AB-BNCT around different types of accelerators are briefly presented. In particular, the present status and recent progress of the Argentine project will be reviewed. The topics will cover: intense ion sources, accelerator tubes, transport of intense beams, beam diagnostics, the 9Be(d,n) reaction as a possible neutron source, Beam Shaping Assemblies (BSA), a treatment room, and treatment planning in realistic cases.
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