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acta de conferencia
"Reactions with light exotic nuclei"
R. Lichtenthäler, P.N. de Faria, K.C.C. Pires, A.M. Moro, A. Lépine-Szily, V. Guimarães, D.R. Mendes Junior, A. Arazi, M. Assunção, M. Barioni, V. Morcelle, M.C. Morais, O. Camargo Jr., J. Alcantara Nuñez and M. Rodríguez-Gallardo
Proc. of the "4th International Workshop on Compound Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics" (CNR*13), Maresias, Brazil, October 7-11, 2013. Ed. by B.V. Carlson and A. Deppman
EPJ Web of conferences, Vol.69 (2014) 00013(5)
Experimental cross sections for the 6He+120Sn are analysed. Elastic scattering angular distributions and alpha particle production cross sections have been measured and are compared with the total reaction cross sections.
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