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"Mesoporous carbon as Pt support for PEM fuel cell"
Federico A. Viva, Mariano M. Bruno, Esteban A. Franceschini, Yohann R. Thomas, Guadalupe Ramos Sanchez, Omar Solorza-Feria and Horacio R. Corti
Int. J. Hydrogen Energ. 39(16) (2014) 8821-8826
A mesoporous carbon (MP) supported Pt nanocatalyst was evaluated as anode and cathode catalyst for PEM fuel cell. Kinetics study of the oxygen reduction reaction were characterized by using the rotating disk electrode (RDE) and rotating ring disk electrode (RRDE) techniques in acid media. Membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) were prepared using Pt supported on MP as anodic and cathodic catalysts and the fuel cell performance evaluated. Polarization and power curves show a similar performance as cathode catalyst when compared to commercial catalyst while there is an 8% improvement when used as anode catalyst.
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