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capítulo de libro
"Carbon Materials for Fuel Cells"
Mariano M. Bruno and Federico A. Viva
Capítulo 7 del libro "Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells: Materials, Performance, Durability and Applications", Eds. H.R. Corti and E.R. Gonzalez, Springer-Verlag (2014), 370 pp
ISBN: 978-94-007-7707-1 (hardcover)
978-94-007-7708-8 (eBook)
Carbon materials are fundamental for the manufacturing of fuel cells. Several fuel cell components are made entirely of carbon in a graphitic form. In the present chapter, an overview of the different fuel cell carbon components and the materials used in their preparation will be presented. Novel approaches in the synthetic method, in order to impart desired properties, and in the manufacturing of the components will be shown. Also, relevant results on the latest research conducted will be discussed.
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