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capítulo de libro
"Applications and Durability of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells"
Esteban A. Franceschini and Horacio R. Corti
Capítulo 9 del libro "Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells: Materials, Performance, Durability and Applications", Eds. H.R. Corti and E.R. Gonzalez, Springer-Verlag (2014), 370 pp
ISBN: 978-94-007-7707-1 (hardcover)
978-94-007-7708-8 (eBook)
Many companies are making significant efforts in the development of prototypes of DAFC (mainly DMFC) for replace batteries (battery charge and auxiliary power units) in portable devices. Some of the most relevant prototypes are summarized; however, most of these devices are not ready to be commercialized due to the high cost and low power reached. Furthermore, for the massive application of the DAFC technologies is necessary solve some of the drawbacks (as miniaturization, products balance, cost reduction, etc.). The cost of the prototypes is analyzed as well as the degradation of the components that affects the durability of the devices.
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