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"First Compilation and Evaluation of Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission Probabilities and Associated Half-Lives for A ≤ 72 Nuclei"
M. Birch, B. Singh, D. Abriola, I. Dillmann, T.D. Johnson, E.A. McCutchan and A.A. Sonzogni
Nucl. Data Sheets 120 (2014) 66-69
A comprehensive compilation and evaluation of beta-delayed neutron (β-n) emission probabilities, Pn, and associated half-lives for A ≤ 72 nuclei has been performed for the first time. The recommended values have been used to analyze the systematics of β- emission in this region. The ratio Pn / T½ is better correlated with the Q-value of the β- decay mode than the previously proposed Kratz-Herrmann Formula (KHF). The recommended values are also compared with theoretical quasi-particle random phase approximation (QRPA) calculations.
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