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acta de conferencia
"Near-threshold 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy"
Daniel M. Minsky and Andrés J. Kreiner
Proc. of the "X Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications" (X LASNPA), Montevideo, Uruguay, December 1-6, 2013.
Proceedings of Science PoS(X LASNPA)081 (2014)
Within the framework of accelerator based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, a project to develop a folded Tandem-ElectroStatic-Quadrupole accelerator is under way at the Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina. The proposed accelerator is designed to deliver a 30 mA current of protons of up to 2.5 MeV. This work explores the production of neutrons by the 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction in a near threshold ( 1.88MeV) energy regime to obtain neutron beams to treat deep seated tumors. Results show that treatments of high quality can be obtained in this regime.
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