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acta de conferencia
"Development of High Power Electrostatic Accelerators for Nuclear and Medical Purposes in Argentina"
Andrés J. Kreiner, Javier Bergueiro, Daniel Cartelli, Walter Castell, Javier Gómez Asoia, Javier Padulo, Juan Carlos Suarez Sandín, Marcelo Igarzábal, Julián Erhardt, Daniel M. Minsky, Alejandro A. Valda, José M. Kesque, M. Eugenia Capoulat, María Herrera, Héctor Somacal, Mario E. Debray, Mariela del Grosso, Leonardo Gaggetti, Manuel Suárez Anzorena, Marcelo Gund, Hernán E. Taccad and Oscar Carranza
Proc. of the "Union for Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources" (UCANS-III), Bilbao, Spain, July 31-August 3, 2012.
Phys. Procedia 60 (2014) 39-44
We highlight some of the results of an ongoing program at the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) in Argentina to develop low energy (0.2 to 2.5 MeV), high current (30-100 mA) proton and deuteron electrostatic accelerators for nuclear and medical applications. This activity aims at developing: 1) Low-energy (200 keV) high-current (100 mA) deuteron accelerators for D(d,n) and T(d,n) for neutron production for various nuclear applications, among them the injection of a subcritical reactor. 2) The development of a 700 kV folded tandem for neutron production using the 9Be(d,n) reaction. 3) The development of a folded 1.2-1.4 MV tandem for epithermal neutron production through the 7Li(p, n) reaction. At the same time this machine can be operated as single-ended with a positive ion source at the terminal to produce 1.4 MeV deuteron beams for the 9Be(d, n) reaction. Development and progress have been made in the areas of mechanical, electromechanical and electronics components (structures, alternators,HV supplies, control systems, etc), ion sources, accelerator tubes, 3D electrostatic and selfconsistent beam transport simulations, high power neutron production targets.
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