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"Structure of a dinuclear cadmium complex with 2,2′-bi­pyridine, monodentate nitrate and 3-carb­oxy-6-methyl­pyridine-2-carboxyl­ate ligands: intra­molecular carbon­yl(lone pair)π(ring) and nitrate(π)π(ring) inter­actions"
J. Granifo, S. Suarez and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. E 71(8) (2015) 890-894
The centrosymmetric dinuclear complex bis­(μ-3-carb­oxy-6-methyl­pyridine-2-carboxyl­ato)-κ3N,O2:O2;κ3O2:N,O2-bis­[(2,2′-bi­pyridine-κ2N,N′)(nitrato-κO)cadmium] methanol monosolvate, [Cd2(C8H6NO4)2(NO3)2(C10H8N2)2]·CH3OH, was isolated as colourless crystals from the reaction of Cd(NO3)2·4H2O, 6-methyl­pyridine-2,3-di­carb­oxy­lic acid (mepydcH2) and 2,2′-bi­pyridine in methanol. The asymmetric unit consists of a CdII cation bound to a μκ3N,O2:O2-mepydcH- anion, an N,N′-bidentate 2,2′-bi­pyridine group and an O-mono­dentate nitrate anion, and is completed with a methanol solvent mol­ecule at half-occupancy. The Cd complex unit is linked to its centrosymmetric image through a bridging mepydcH- carboxyl­ate O atom to complete the dinuclear complex mol­ecule. Despite a significant variation in the coordination angles, indicating a considerable departure from octa­hedral coordination geometry about the CdII atom, the Cd–O and Cd–N distances in this complex are surprisingly similar. The crystal structure consists of O–HO hydrogen-bonded chains parallel to a, further bound by C–HO contacts along b to form planar two-dimensional arrays parallel to (001). The juxtaposed planes form inter­stitial columnar voids that are filled by the methanol solvent mol­ecules. These in turn inter­act with the complex mol­ecules to further stabilize the structure. A search in the literature showed that complexes with the mepydcH- ligand are rare and complexes reported previously with this ligand do not adopt the μκ3 coordination mode found in the title compound.
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