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"Application of BNCT to the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer recurrences: Research and developments in Argentina"
M.A. Gadan, S.J. González, M. Batalla, M.S. Olivera, L. Policastro and M.L. Sztejnberg
Appl. Radiat. Isot. 104 (2015) 155-159
In the frame of the Argentine BNCT Project a new research line has been started to study the application of BNCT to the treatment of locoregional recurrences of HER2+ breast cancer subtype. Based on former studies, the strategy considers the use of immunoliposomes as boron carriers nanovehicles to target HER2 overexpressing cells. The essential concerns of the current stage of this proposal are the development of carriers that can improve the efficiency of delivery of boron compounds and the dosimetric assessment of treatment feasibility. For this purpose, an specific pool of clinical cases that can benefit from this application was determined. In this work, we present the proposal and the advances related to the different stages of current research.
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