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acta de conferencia
"Present status of accelerator-based BNCT: Focus on developments in Argentina"
D. Cartelli, M.E. Capoulat, J. Bergueiro, L. Gagetti, M. Suárez Anzorena, M.F. del Grosso, M. Baldo, W. Castell, J. Padulo, J.C. Suárez Sandín, M. Igarzabal, J. Erhardt, D. Mercuri, D.M. Minsky, A.A. Valda, M.E. Debray, H.R. Somacal, N. Canepa, N. Real, M. Gun, M.S. Herrera, H. Tacca and A.J. Kreiner
Proc. of the "16th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy" (ICNCT-16), Helsinki, Finland, June 14-19, 2014. Ed. Hanna Koivunoro, Stuart Green, Iiro Auterinen and Martti Kulvik
Appl. Radiat. Isot. 106 (2015) 18-21
In this work we provide some information on the present status of accelerator-based BNCT (AB-BNCT) worldwide and subsequently concentrate on the recent accelerator technology developments in Argentina.
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