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capítulo de libro
"Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbon by Stabilization of the Nanoparticles Forming the Resorcinol/Formaldehyde Gels"
Cesar Barbero, Juan Balach, Mariano Bruno, Gabriel A. Planes and Maria C. Miras
Capítulo 14 del libro "Comprehensive Guide for Mesoporous Materials, Volume 1: Synthesis and Characterization", Mahmood Aliofkhazraei, 1st Edition, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (2015), 444 pp
ISBN: 978-1-63463-958-3
This is the first volume of the four volume set of Comprehensive Guide for Mesoporous Materials. The discovery and application of mesoporous materials in the different industries, including the catalyst industry, is one of the major advances over the past two decades. One of the important mesoporous materials is zeolite. Over the past decade, different types of zeolites have been produced in the nanometer range dimensions. Porosities can also be regular or irregular. Due to more research done on mesoporous materials, knowledge of this science has increased. Researchers are now able to make mesoporous materials with dimensions equal to the predetermined requirements to use in engineering, such as with molecular separation membranes.
This volume mainly discusses the synthesis and characterization of mesoporous materials. Some of the mesoporous materials discussed in this volume are alumina, carbon, silica and also polymeric materials. There are 15 chapters in this volume; each one includes examples of these interesting materials, supported by appropriate figures for better clarification.
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