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"Low-temperature magnetic properties of GdCoIn5"
D. Betancourth, J.I. Facio, P. Pedrazzini, C.B.R. Jesus, P.G. Pagliuso, V. Vildosola, Pablo S. Cornaglia, D.J. García and V.F. Correa
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 374 (2015) 744-747
A comprehensive experimental and theoretical study of the low temperature properties of GdCoIn5 was performed. Specific heat, thermal expansion, magnetization and electrical resistivity were measured in good quality single crystals down to 4He temperatures. All the experiments show a second-order-like phase transition at 30 K probably associated with the onset of antiferromagnetic order. The magnetic susceptibility shows a pronounced anisotropy below TN with an easy magnetic axis perpendicular to the crystallographic ĉ-axis. Total energy GGA+U calculations indicate a ground state with magnetic moments localized at the Gd ions and allowed a determination of the Gd-Gd magnetic interactions. Band structure calculations of the electron and phonon contributions to the specific heat together with Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the magnetic contributions show a very good agreement with the experimental data. Comparison between experiment and calculations suggests a significant anharmonic contribution to the specific heat at high temperature (T  100 K).
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