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"Structure and spectroscopy of two new bases for building block: Terpyridine derivatives"
Dominique Toledo, Ricardo Baggio, Eleonora Freire, Andrés Vega, Nancy Pizarro and Yanko Moreno
J. Mol. Struct. 1102 (2015) 18-24
Two new terpyridine compounds are reported: 4′-(3-methyl-2-thienyl)-4,2′:6′,4″-terpyridine, C20H15N3S, (I) and 4′-(4-quinolinyl)-4,2′:6′,4″-terpyridine, C25H17Cl3N4, (II). Both structures crystallize in centrosymmetric space groups and present weak H-bonds, which gives greater stability to their structures. Light absorption by both molecules is firmly established on the experimental and the TDDFT analysis as coming from ππ* transitions. The fluorescence of both compounds has a small Stockes shift, which is also consistent with the emission from highly rigid molecules. Furthermore, the thermal stability observed for both compounds, until about 280 °C, making these molecules interesting candidates for use as complex ligands, which are obtained by means of solvothermal synthesis (technique with temperatures of about 150 °C).
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