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acta de conferencia
"Phase Transformation of TiO2 Thin Films in Function Bias Voltage"
Lina M. Franco, Mariana Fazio, Emilia Halac, Daniel Vega, Eduardo Heredia, Ariel Kleiman and Adriana Márquez
Proc. of the "International Congress of Science and Technology of Metallurgy and Materials", SAM-CONAMET 2013, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina, August 20-23, 2013. Ed. Carlos Enrique Schvezov
Procedia Materials Science 8 (2015) 39-45
Titanium dioxide thin films have been deposited on silicon (100) and 316L stainless steel substrates by cathodic arc deposition in oxygen atmosphere with a titanium cathode. The process was run at room temperature and at 300 °C, biasing the substrate with pulsed voltage (up to -10 kV) and DC voltage (up to -120 V). The crystalline structure was studied by Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. At room temperature, the films were obtained with an amorphous base with small isolated crystals of rutile and anatase. At 300 °C, with DC bias, samples grew crystalline with the presence of both anatase and rutile.
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