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"Avalanche-like metamagnetic transition in (LaNd)CaMnO manganites"
L. Ghivelder, G.G. Eslava, R.S. Freitas, G. Leyva and F. Parisi
J. Alloy. Compd. 680 (2016) 494-499
We investigate the nature of ultrasharp metamagnetic transitions in La5/8-yNdyCa3/8MnO3 manganites. These compounds change from a low temperature ferromagnetic metallic state at low Nd doping to a charge-ordered antiferromagnetic insulator for high Nd content. At an intermediate doping a phase-separated state is established. At low temperatures (2 K), an avalanche-like field-induced metamagnetic transition is observed, where the entire compound changes abruptly from one phase to the other. The behavior of this ultrasharp transition is investigated using magnetization and specific heat measurements. We found a first order transition in the specific heat associated with discontinuous jumps in the magnetization. A strong increase of the sample temperature is simultaneously observed. The results are interpreted in terms of latent heat released from the field-induced enhancement of the ferromagnetic fraction, triggering the avalanche process.
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