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acta de conferencia
"Phase structure of cold magnetized color superconducting quark matter"
P.G. Allen, A.G. Grunfeld and N.N. Scoccola
Proc. of the "XIII International Workshop on Hadron Physics", Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 22-27, 2015.
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 706, Section 5 (2016) 052025/1-8
The influence of intense magnetic fields on the behavior of color superconducting cold quark matter is investigated using an SU(2)f NJL-type model for which a novel regulation scheme is introduced. In such a scheme the contributions which are explicitly dependent on the magnetic field turn out to be finite and, thus, do not require to be regularized. As a result of this, non-physical oscillations that arise from regularizing magnetic field dependent terms are naturally removed, and oscillations that are actually physical can be better appreciated. The phase diagrams in the tilde ẽB–μ plane are presented for different values of the diquark coupling.
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