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"A New, More Stable Polymorphic Form of Otilonium Bromide: Solubility, Crystal Structure, and Phase Transformation"
Daniel R. Vega, Emilia Halac, Luciano Segovia and Ricardo Baggio
J. Pharm. Sci. 105(10) (2016) 3013-3020
A new polymorphic form of otilonium bromide is presented (Form I), and a thorough analysis of its crystal and molecular structure is performed. The compound suffers a temperature-driven first-order phase transition at about 396 K, which transforms it into the polymorph reported by Dapporto P and Sega A (Acta Cryst. 1986;C42:474-478) (Form II). Through thermal analysis and solubility experiments the relative stability of both crystal modifications were determined, confirming that at room temperature this new Form I is the more stable one, Form II existing just in a metastable state.
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