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"Characterization and modeling of a MoTaVWZr high entropy alloy"
M. Suarez Anzorena, A.A. Bertolo, L. Gagetti, A.J. Kreiner, H.O. Mosca, G. Bozzolo and M.F. del Grosso
Mater. Des. 111 (2016) 382-388
As part of a project for developing Accelerator–Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (AB-BNCT), for which the generation of neutrons through nuclear reactions like 9Be(d,n) is necessary, a new material that preserves its physical and mechanical properties for a sufficient length of time under irradiation conditions and hydrogen damage is needed. In this work, a high entropy MoTaVWZr alloy (HEA) is considered for this task, because each one of the constituents is already good by itself under extreme irradiation condition. The structure, microstructure, density, Vickers hardness and melting temperature are reported for this HEA. Atomistic modeling results are in agreement with the experimental findings.
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