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"Coupled magnetic and elastic properties in LaPr(CaSr)MnO manganites"
G.G. Eslava, F. Parisi, P.L. Bernardo, M. Quintero, G. Leyva, L.F. Cohen and L. Ghivelder
Phys. Lett. A 380(38) (2016) 3107-3110
We investigate a series of manganese oxides, the La0.225Pr0.4(Ca1-xSrx)0.375MnO3 system. The x=0 sample is a prototype compound for the study of phase separation in manganites, where ferromagnetic and charge ordered antiferromagnetic phases coexist. Replacing Ca2+ by Sr2+ gradually turns the system into a homogeneous ferromagnet. Our results show that the material structure plays a major role in the observed magnetic properties. On cooling, at temperatures below 100 K, a strong contraction of the lattice is followed by an increase in the magnetization. This is observed both through thermal expansion and magnetostriction measurements, providing distinct evidence of magneto-elastic coupling in these phase separated compounds.
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