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"Backscattering measurement of 6He on 209Bi: Critical interaction distance"
V. Guimarães, J.J. Kolata, E.F. Aguilera, A. Howard, A. Roberts, F.D. Becchetti, R.O. Torres-Isea, A. Riggins, M. Febrarro, V. Scarduelli, P.N. de Faria, D.S. Monteiro, J.F.P. Huiza, A. Arazi, J. Hinnefeld, A.M. Moro, E.S. Rossi, Jr., V. Morcelle, A. Barioni and Alan J. Mitchell
Phys. Rev. C 93(6) (2016) 064607/1-7
An elastic backscattering experiment has been performed at energies below the Coulomb barrier to investigate static and dynamic effects in the interaction of 6He with 209Bi. The measured cross sections are presented in terms of the dσ/dσRuth ratio, as a function of the distance of closest approach on a Rutherford trajectory. The data are compared with a three-body CDCC calculation and good agreement is observed. In addition, the critical distance of interaction was extracted. A larger value was obtained for the exotic 6He nucleus as compared with the weakly bound 6Li and 9Be nuclei and the tightly bound 4He, 12C, and 16O nuclei.
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