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"Correspondence behavior of classical and quantum dissipative directed transport via thermal noise"
Gabriel G. Carlo, Leonardo Ermann, Alejandro M.F. Rivas and María E. Spina
Phys. Rev. E 93(4) (2016) 042133/1-7
We systematically study several classical-quantum correspondence properties of the dissipative modified kicked rotator, a paradigmatic ratchet model. We explore the behavior of the asymptotic currents for finite eff values in a wide range of the parameter space. We find that the correspondence between the classical currents with thermal noise providing fluctuations of size eff and the quantum ones without it is very good in general with the exception of specific regions. We systematically consider the spectra of the corresponding classical Perron-Frobenius operators and quantum superoperators. By means of an average distance between the classical and quantum sets of eigenvalues we find that the correspondence is unexpectedly quite uniform. This apparent contradiction is solved with the help of the Weyl-Wigner distributions of the equilibrium eigenvectors, which reveal the key role of quantum effects by showing surviving coherences in the asymptotic states.
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