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"Growth of (100)-highly textured BaBiO3 thin films on silicon"
C. Ferreyra, F. Marchini, P. Granell, F. Golmar, C. Albornoz, F.J. Williams, A.G. Leyva and D. Rubi
Thin Solid Films 612 (2016) 369-372
We report on the growth and characterization of non-epitaxial but (100)-highly textured BaBiO3 thin films on silicon substrates. We have found the deposition conditions that optimize the texture, and show that the textured growth is favoured by the formation of a BaO layer at the first growth stages. X-ray diffraction Φ-scans, together with the observation that the same textured growth is found on films grown on Pt and SiO2 buffered Si, demonstrate the absence of epitaxy. Finally, we have shown that our (100)-oriented BaBiO3 films can be used as suitable buffers for the growth of textured heterostructures on silicon, which could facilitate the integration of potential devices with standard electronics.
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