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"Classical counterparts of quantum attractors in generic dissipative systems"
Gabriel G. Carlo, Leonardo Ermann, Alejandro M. F. Rivas, María E. Spina and Dario Poletti
Phys. Rev. E 95(6) (2017) 062202/1-6
In the context of dissipative systems, we show that for any quantum chaotic attractor a corresponding classical chaotic attractor can always be found. We provide a general way to locate them, rooted in the structure of the parameter space (which is typically bidimensional, accounting for the forcing strength and dissipation parameters). In cases where an approximate pointlike quantum distribution is found, it can be associated with exceptionally large regular structures. Moreover, supposedly anomalous quantum chaotic behavior can be very well reproduced by the classical dynamics plus Gaussian noise of the size of an effective Planck constant eff. We give support to our conjectures by means of two paradigmatic examples of quantum chaos and transport theory. In particular, a dissipative driven system becomes fundamental in order to extend their validity to generic cases.
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