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"Signatures of classical structures in the leading eigenstates of quantum dissipative systems"
Gabriel G. Carlo, Leonardo Ermann, Alejandro M.F. Rivas and María E. Spina
Phys. Rev. E 96(3) (2017) 032202/1-5
By analyzing a paradigmatic example of the theory of dissipative systems -the classical and quantum dissipative standard map- we are able to explain the main features of the decay to the quantum equilibrium state. The classical isoperiodic stable structures typically present in the parameter space of these kinds of systems play a fundamental role. In fact, we have found that the period of stable structures that are near in this space determines the phase of the leading eigenstates of the corresponding quantum superoperator. Moreover, the eigenvectors show a strong localization on the corresponding periodic orbits (limit cycles). We show that this sort of scarring phenomenon (an established property of Hamiltonian and projectively open systems) is present in the dissipative case and it is of extreme simplicity.
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