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Ciclo de Seminarios 2010

2010 2 NOV

Martes 2 de Noviembre
11:00 hs. - Auditorio Emma Pérez Ferreira
Edificio TANDAR
"Nuclear physics and the origin of the elements"
Dr. Ernst Rehm (*)
Argonne National Laboratory, USA

* Diploma (1969), PhD (1973) and Habilitation (1979) from Technical University Munich, Germany. He was postdoctoral Fellow at University of Chicago, USA. Since 1990 he is Senior Scientist of Argonne National Laboratory, USA, being Group Leader of the Low Energy Research Group (1990-1994). Fellow of the American Physical Society (1998). He recieved the Distinguished Performance Award (2007) from the University of Chicago-Argonne Board of Governors.
Av. Gral Paz y Constituyentes, San Martín, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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