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"Magnetic behaviour of Ce(Pd1-xMx) compounds (M=Rh, Ni and Ag) within the LDA approximation"
V.L. Vildosola, A.M. Llois, M. Weissmann and J.G. Sereni
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 236(1-2) (2001) 6-8
Ce intermetallic compounds have been intensively studied in the last decades due to the large variety of behaviours they exhibit. In particular, two ways of demagnetizing Ce have been experimentally tried within the ferromagnetic systems Ce(Pd1-xMx), namely through electronic concentration variations (M=Rh) and volume reductions (M=Ni). On the other hand, when Pd is substituted by Ag a transformation from a ferromagnetic to an antiferromagnetic ground state has been observed. In this work we analyse the evolution of the magnetism of Ce in the above mentioned family of compounds by calculating the spin contribution to magnetism that results from spin polarized LDA calculations.
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