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"Homogeneity Characterisation of Sintered (U,Gd)02 Pellets by X-Ray Diffraction"
A.G. Leyva, D.R. Vega, V. Trimarco and D. Marchi
J. Nucl. Mater. 303(1) (2002) 29-33
The (U,Gd)O2 sintered pellets are fabricated by different methods. The homogeneity characterisation of Gd content seems to be necessary as a production control to qualify the process and the final product. The micrographic technique is the most common method used to analyse the homogeneity of these samples, this method requires time and expertise to obtain good results. In this paper, we propose an analysis of the X-ray diffraction powder patterns through the Rietveld method, in which the differences between the experimental data and the calculated from a crystalline structure model proposed are evaluated. This result allows us to determine the cell parameters, that can be correlated with the Gd concentration, and the existence of other phases with different Gd ratio.
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