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"Magnetoelectronic Properties of a Ferrimagnetic Semiconductor: The Hybrid Cupromanganite CaCu3Mn4O12"
R. Weht and W.E. Pickett
Phys. Rev. B 65(1) (2002) 014415/1-6
The mixed manganite-cuprate CaCu3Mn4O12 is calculated, using density functional methods, to be a spin asymetric ferrimagnetic semiconductor. Cu (formally S=1/2) antialigns with Mn (formally S=3/2), and the net spin moment is 9 μB, consistent with the formal spins. The valence bands maximun has Cu dxyO ps character with spin aligned antiparallel to the net magnetization; the conduction-band minimum has opposite spin and mixed Cu-Mn character. This spin asymetric gap (1) implies a thermally induced current that is 100% spin polarized and (2) leads to a field-induced gap. The relationship of these properties to the reported magnetoresistance is discussed.
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