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"Superconductivity Near Ferromagnetism in MgCNi3"
H. Rosner, R. Weht, M. Johannes, W.E. Pickett and E. Tosatti
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88(2) (2002) 027001/1-4
An unusual quasi-two-dimensional heavy band mass van Hove singularity (vHs) lies very near the Fermi energy in MgCNi3, recently reported to superconduct at 8.5 K. This compound is strongly exchange enhanced and is unstable to ferromagnetism upon hole doping with 12% Mg Na or Li. The 1/4-depleted fcc (frustrated) Ni sublattice and lack of Fermi surface nesting argues against competing antiferromagnetic and charge density wave instabilities. We identify an essentially infinite mass along the M-Γ line, leading to quasi-two-dimensionality of this vHs may promote unconventional p-wave pairing that could coexist with superconductivity.
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