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"Weak C–HO Interactions Leading to Measurable Effects in Polymeric Sulfates [M(SO4)L(H2O)2]n (M: Cd, Zn, Cu; L: bipy, phen, dmp)"
M.A. Harvey, S. Baggio, M.T. Garland and R.F. Baggio
Aust. J. Chem. 56 (2003) 1161-1165
The structure of two sulfate complexes, [Zn(SO4)phen(H2O)2]n and [Cd(SO4)bipy(H2O)2]n, are presented. They are polymeric and isomorphous to an homologous series already reported, namely [Zn(SO4)bipy(H2O)2]n, [Cd(SO4)dmph(H2O)2]n, [Cu(SO4)bipy(H2O)2]n, and [Cu(SO4)phen(H2O)2]n (bipy = 2,2.-bipyridine, phen = 1,10-phenanthroline, dmp = 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline). The compounds organize into double polymeric chains internally linked through strong (O–H)waterOsulfate bonds. The interaction between these ‘strips’ is governed by weak (C–H)ligandOsulfate bonds, which explain a seemingly abnormal expansion/contraction of some cell parameters in the homologous series. Both compounds are monoclinic, C2/c. [Zn(SO4)phen(H2O)2]n: a 15.156(3), b 14.152(3), c 6.7010(13) Å, β 103.43(3)°, V 1398.0(5) Å3, Z 4, conventional R (on F) being 0.028 for No 1615 observed reflections (I > 2σ(I)). [Cd(SO4)bipy(H2O)2]n: a 15.705(3), b 13.049(3), c 6.8912(14) Å, β 104.59(3)°, V 1366.7(5) Å3, Z 4, R 0.052, No 1516.
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