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"Integral system for detecting evaporation residues in fusion reactions"
O.A. Capurro, J.E. Testoni, G.V. Martí, A. Arazi, J.O. Fernández Niello, A.J. Pacheco, M.E. Ortega, J. Tiffenberg and M. Fleitas
Brazilian Journal of Physics 35(3b) (2005) 731-734
We have designed and constructed an integral system that involves two electrostatic deflectors followed by a small ionization chamber with a multi-wire-proportional-counter in its entrance. The function of the former part is to separate evaporation residues from beam ions using their different electric rigidities while the latter is to detect these evaporation residues being distinguished from the beam-like particles originated in slits. Up to now, both devices have been tested and evaluated performing different experiments: the double-electrostatic deflector through scattering studies and the ionization chamber by means of scattering and fusion reactions. We present a brief description of the two devices and some results obtained in different tests.
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