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"Development of Photovoltaic Modules for Space Applications in Argentina"
M. Alurralde, M. Barrera, C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, J.C. Durán, J. Fernández Vázquez, A. Filevich, E.M. Godfrin, V. Goldbeck, A. Iglesias, M.G. Martínez Bogado, E. Mezzabolta, S.L. Nigro, J. Plá, I. Prario, M.C. Raffo Calderón, S.E. Rodríguez, M.J.L. Tamasi, A. Vertanessian, F. Antonuccio, P. Cabot, E. Carella, J. Di Santo, C.D. Franciulli, A. Moglioni, G. Berbeglia and D. Fernández Slezack
Proc. of the "20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition" (EU PVSEC 2005), Barcelona, Spain, June 6-10, 2005.
20th EU PVSEC Proceedings (2005) 538-541
This paper presents the more important advances performed during the last years in the development of the solar panels for the SAOCOM Argentine satellite mission. These activities are done within the frame of a cooperation agreement between the Argentine National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the Argentine National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE). Activities performed in some relevant issues (simulation and design, solar cells characterisation, set up of soldering and bonding processes, radiation damage theory and testing, development of devices and techniques for testing) are reviewed. Particularly, elaboration and test of the first module fabricated for space technology processes qualification are described. Moreover, a chamber for testing solar cells and other satellite devices in simulated space environment as well as recent developments on bonding process and fabrication of interconnectors for solar cells are presented. Finally, results of tests performed on an engineering module are also shown.
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