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"Structure and thermal decomposition of poly[[triaqua(μ4-oxydiacetato)lanthanum(III)] nitrate]"
G. Polla, M.T. Garland and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. C 63(9) (2007) m385-m388
In the title lanthanum complex, {[La(C4H4O5)(H2O)3]NO3}n, the lanthanum cation is immersed in a nine-coordinate environment provided by a tridentate oxydiacetate (oda) ligand (through two carboxylate and one ether O atoms), three carboxylate O atoms from neighbouring oda ligands and three aqua ligands. The LaO9 polyhedra are interlinked into a tight three-dimensional framework, which leaves holes where the nitrate anions lodge. The links to the polymeric framework are by an extensive hydrogen-bonding scheme utilizing all the water H atoms. Thermogravimetric analysis shows that the three coordinated water molecules leave the structure in two well differentiated steps.
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