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"Secondary relaxations in supercooled and glassy sucrose-borate aqueous solutions"
M.P. Longinotti, H.R. Corti and J.J. de Pablo
Carbohyd. Res. 343(15) (2008) 2650-2656
The dielectric relaxation spectra of concentrated aqueous solutions of sucrose-borate mixtures have been measured in the supercooled and glassy regions in the frequency range of 40 Hz to 2 MHz. The secondary (β) relaxation process was analyzed in the temperature range 183-233 K at water contents between 20 and 30 wt %. The relaxation times were obtained, and the activation energy of that process was calculated. In order to assess the effect of borate on the relaxation of disaccharide-water mixtures, we also studied the dielectric behavior of sucrose aqueous solutions in the same range of temperatures and water contents. Our findings support the view that, beyond a water content of approximately 20 wt %, the secondary relaxation of water-sucrose and water-sucrose-borate mixtures adopts a universal character that can be explained in terms of a simple exponential function of the temperature scaled by the glass transition temperature (Tg). The behavior observed for water-sucrose and water-sucrose-borate mixtures is compared with previous results obtained in other water-carbohydrate systems.
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