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"Viscosity of concentrated sucrose and trehalose aqueous solutions including the supercooled regime"
M.P. Longinotti and H.R. Corti
J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 37(3) (2008) 1503-1515
The viscosity of aqueous solutions of sucrose and trehalose is analyzed over a wide range of concentrations and temperatures covering the normal liquid and supercooled liquid regions, close to the glass transition temperature. These sugar solutions are fragile systems whose viscosity exhibits temperature dependence with a large departure from Arrhenius behavior. A description of the temperature and concentration dependences of the solution viscosity is given in terms of a scaled Arrhenius representation, which adopts the reduced temperature Tg/T as the state variable. A comparison with results obtained from other theoretical or semiempirical equations is also presented.
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