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"Ammonium 4-methoxybenzenesulfonate"
S. Suarez, F. Doctorovich and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. E 68(7) (2012) o2228-o2229
The molecular structure of the title compound, NH4+·C7H7O4S-, is featureless [the methoxy C atom deviating 0.173 (6) Å from the phenyl mean plane] with interatomic distances and angles in the expected ranges. The main feature of interest is the packing mode. Hydrophilic (SO3 and NH4) and hydrophobic (PhOCH3) parts in the structure segregate, the former interacting through a dense hydrogen-bonding scheme, leading to a well connected two-dimensional structure parallel to (100) and the latter hydrophobic groups acting as spacers for an interplanar separation of c/2 = 10.205 (2) Å. In spite of being aligned along [110], the benzene rings stack in a far from parallel fashion [viz. consecutive ring centers determine a broken line with a 164.72 (12)° zigzag angle], thus preventing any possible ππ interaction.
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