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"Spray-casting ABPBI membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cells"
Federico Viva, Nayra Heredia, Sofia Pagani Palmbaum, Liliana Diaz, Juan De Diego, Matias Lozano, Mariano Bruno and Horacio Corti
J. Electrochem. Soc. 164(7) (2017) F866-F872
The preparation and characterization of membranes of poly[2,5-benzimidazole] (ABPBI) by spray casting at room temperature from an ethanol solution is described. The prepared membranes doped with 11 M H3PO4 sorbed 1.5 molecules of acid per imidazole ring exhibiting a proton conductivity of 0.05 S·cm-1 at 153 °C. The 80 µm thick, homogeneous, membranes obtained were used for the preparation of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Fuel cell test conducted with the prepared MEA at temperatures between 100 and 180 °C shows an increase in the performance with temperature, with a maximum power density of 200 mW·cm-2 at 180 °C. The described ABPBI membrane preparation method from an ethanol solution at low temperature opens a simple route for overcoming the processability problems of the aforementioned polymer.
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